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268 Newell Brook Rd, Durham,

Maine 04222

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Sunday, September 17, 2017
Western Maine Dressage and Eventing Association Affiliated Show
Esprit Equestrian Center, Durham, Maine

Opening Date: One month prior to show date Closing Date: Monday before show date

Secretary:                                                      Judge:
Elizabeth Owens                                           Christine Joost
268 Newell Brook Rd.
Durham, ME 04222


1. USDF Introductory Level Test A
2. USDF Introductory Level Test B
3. USDF Introductory Level Test C
4. USEF Training Level Test 1
5. USEF Training Level Test 2
6. USEF Training Level Test 3
7. USEF First Level Test 1
8. USEF First Level Test 2
9. USEF First Level Test 3
10. USEF Second Level Test 1
11. USEF Second Level Test 2
12. USEF Second Level Test 3
13. USEF Third Level Test 1
14. USEF Third Level Test 2
15. USEF Third Level Test 3
16. USEF Fourth Level Test 1
17. USEF Fourth Level Test 2
18. USEF Fourth Level Test 3
19. FEI Level, specify test and level
20. Musical Freestyle, specify level
21. USEF Western Dressage Intro Test 1 4 (specify test)
22. USEF Western Dressage Basic Test 1 4 (specify test)
23. USEF Western Dressage Level 1 Test 1 4 (specify test)

Combined Divisions

24. Introductory, USDF Introductory Level Test B, 18
25. Elementary, USDF Introductory Level Test C, 2
26. Beginner Novice, 2014 USEA BN Test B, 27
27. Novice, 2014 USEA Novice Test A, 211
28. Training, 2014 USEA Training Test A, 33
29. Preliminary, 2014 USEA Preliminary Test A, 37

1. LEVELS: Introductory through FEI Levels, Musical Freestyle, Western Dressage, Combined Divisions: Introductory Level through Preliminary Level.

2. AWARDS: Six ribbons awarded for all classes.

3. ENTRIES: Dressage: $25 per class. Combined Divisions: $50 per division. Make checks payable to Esprit Equestrian Center. Post entries and changes accepted at discretion of the management with $10.00 office fee for each late entry or change. Entries will be limited and processed in the order they are received. No phone entries please. Once show is filled, entries will be placed on a waiting list. There will be no refunds after the closing date. Show management reserves the right to combine, divide, or cancel any classes as entries warrant. Please enclose proof of vaccinations and a negative Coggins test dated within 3 years of show.

4. TIMES: Times will be available on Thursday the week of the show on the following web site: www.espritequestriancenter.com or you may call the secretary.

5. DIRECTIONS: (From The North), South on I-295 to exit 31B (Lisbon/Lewiston), West on Route 196 to Lisbon Falls, Left on Route 9 West, About 3 miles, Farm on right after sharp right turn (From The South), North on Maine Turnpike to exit 9 (Falmouth), North on I-295 to exit 22 (Durham/Freeport), Right off ramp, Right on Route 136 North, About 9 miles, Right on Route 9 East, About 1 mile, Farm on left.

6. FOOTING: 20 x 60 meter outdoor sand arena and 20 x 40 meter indoor sand arena. Jump course in grass field.




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