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Breed Inspections


Saturday, August 7, 2010, Esprit Equestrian Center will be hosting a stallion and mare and foal inspection for the American Trakehner Association. Purebred Trakehner as well as Anglo/Trakehner, Arab/Trakehner, Thoroughbred and Arabian mares and stallions can be inspected by the ATA for inclusion into the breed registry.


Spectators are welcome to come audit and learn from the comments of the knowledgeable ATA inspection team and to learn more about this wonderful breed. For more information on the ATA registry go to www.americantrakehner.com.


Esprit Equestrian Center has hosted five ATA mare and foal inspections and two stallion inspection to date.


We were honored to have Henry Schurink from Vermont in 1998 and Rhea Gibble from Virginia in 2000 as the inspectors for a mare and foal inspection.


In 2003 Brad Kerbs from Missouri inspected the mares and the team of Brad Kerbs, Henry Schurink, Rhea Gibble and Terry Williams inspected the stallions.


In 2005 we enjoyed having Terry Williams from New York as the inspector for a mare and foal inspection.


In 2008 we welcomed Eberhard Bisenthal from Illinois as the mare inspector and the stallion inspection team of Sam Eidt, Brad Kerbs, Rhea Gibble and Eberhard Bisenthal.


Photo by Helen Peppe

"Donaumädchen *M*" and her daughter "Donautänzerin"




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